Meet Our Team

Prahlad Tularam Sati
Managing Director
Ayoka Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, led by Mr. Prahlad Tularam Sati, is a leading pharmaceutical company in Navi Mumbai. With a focus on quality healthcare, Ayoka is committed to providing innovative and affordable solutions. Mr. Sati's 20 years of experience and strong leadership have propelled the company's growth and reputation. Ayoka Pharmaceuticals aims to make a positive impact on the industry while prioritizing patient needs.
Barmavath Tejaswi
Marketing and Sales Director
She has been handling responsibilities including managing organizational sales activities by setting-upthe business plan that covers sales, revenue, and expense management. Setting-up individual sales targets and responsible for management of sales team. She is responsible for actively tracking sales goals and reporting results to management. She has beenachieving growth and hitting sales targets along sales team successfully over period of time. She is responsible for designing and implementing a strategic sales plan that expands company's customer base and ensure its strong presence.
Sonny Arcot
Chief Technology Officer
As the Founder and CEO of Arcot Group, he empowers start-ups through AI implementation and advanced prompt engineering. He has created successful ventures like Arcitech and All Talent Agency, making a significant impact in various industries. With expertise in AI, he leads his digital transformation team, helping businesses optimize operations and accelerate growth. He believes in collaboration and strives to revolutionize the business landscape through excellence, innovation, and technology.
Bhawana Sati
Chief Financial Officer
Bhawana Sati, MBA in Finance, is the CFO of Ayoka Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. With 12 years of experience, she excels in financial management, budgeting, reporting, and compliance. Currently pursuing a law degree, Bhawana brings a comprehensive understanding of accounts and finance. She plays a crucial role in overseeing financial operations, analysis, and regulatory compliance, guiding Ayoka Pharmaceuticals' growth and profitability as a global industry leader.
Dr. Ranjit Nair
Director of Business Development
As the Team Lead for Business Development, he is responsible for internal communication, product development, customer summaries, vendor agreements, issue resolution, and follow-ups. He prepares presentations, proposals, and quotations, while also organizing team activities and training. With international sales experience and expertise in lead generation, market analysis, and customer relationship management, he drives business growth and brand strategy through various channels.
Mahima Rakeshkumar Mishra
Director of Human Resources
She oversees internal procedures, addresses employee concerns, and supports recruitment and retention efforts. With strong interpersonal skills, she identifies and solves problems, nurtures job satisfaction, and motivates employees for peak performance. Additionally, she manages the company's hiring process, connects executives with staff, enhances the employer brand, and develops talent resources plans.
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